Our new short code, 88188 is now active. Please text a keyword ("metrobus", "reload", "mcard" or "routes") to 88188.

Interactive Texting Services from Metrobus

Use your mobile device to obtain all kinds of Metrobus information...

By texting certain keywords to our temporary long code, 88188, you can instantly obtain Metrobus information. Our active keywords are "metrobus", "mcard", "reload" and "routes".

Message & data rates may apply.

Text METROBUS to 88188 to sign-up to receive service bulletin text alerts. The minute we post a service bulletin, we'll send the same bulletin to your mobile device.

Text MCARD followed by your 6-digit m-Card number to 88188 to view your rides remaining, pass expiry date and your m-Points balance. For example, text MCARD 123456 to 88188

Text RELOAD followed by your 6-digit m-Card number to 88188 to view the status of your most recent online m-Card reload. For example, text RELOAD 123456 to 88188

Now available

Text ROUTES followed by a 4-digit bus stop identification number to 88188 to receive next bus departure times for routes servicing that particular bus stop. For example, text ROUTES 1001 to 88188. You will find the 4-digit stop id on any of our bus stops.