Rates of Fare & fare options


We operate on an exact fare policy - our Drivers do not carry change.  Please have exact fare available when boarding.

Three ways to ride The Trolley Line!

1. Hop-on, hop-off Day Pass

Single Fare $5.00                    Family Fare (good for family of up to 6 people) $20.00

Day passes are good for unlimited boarding for the day specified on your ticket.  The driver will provide you with a dated ticket once fare has been paid.  Bills are accepted for payment.  Please have exact fare available - Drivers do not carry change.

2. Single Trip Cash Fare

Adults & Seniors $2.50                    Children $2.00

Single trip cash fares are good for one boarding of the Trolley Line.  Once you exit the Trolley line, you will have to pay the single trip cash fare to board again.  Please have exact fare available - Drivers do not carry change.

3. m-Card

m-Cards are accepted on-board The Trolley Line. For more information about our m-Card, please click here.

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