m-Card: Frequently Asked Questions


What is an m-Card?
The m-Card is an interactive smart card and is part of our on-board fare collection system that we introduced in December 2006.

The m-Card is the same size as a debit or credit card. When a customer boards a bus, he or she simply holds the card in front of the on-board reader to pay the fare. The reader recognizes what type of fare or pass is on the card and approves or denies the ride, electronically, in about a second.

The neat thing about the m-Card is that once you buy your first one, you keep using the same card, week after week, month after month. Value is added to the card by the user at any of our add value machines that are located at our existing sales outlets. In addition, you can add value to your m-Card online at Metrobus Dot Com using a credit card or debit card. Once the transaction has been approved, we'll add the purchase value to your card electronically, the next time you present it in front of the on-board validator on any of our buses.

Do I need an m-Card to ride with Metrobus?
No. If you're a cash-paying customer, everything stays the same for you. The farebox will still be on-board and the m-Card reader will be added, so customers can pay with cash, or use an m-Card.

How much does it cost?
There is a one-time $5.00 fee for new m-Card activations, in addition to the price of the pass you are loading on the card. There is also a $5.00 fee for replacement m-Cards that have been registered. Unregistered cards, if lost or stolen cannot be replaced and you'll have to purchase a new card and a new pass, so be sure to register your m-Card.

Where can I buy one?
Our m-Card is available at our existing sales outlets, including our website and our Customer Service Centre at 25 Messenger Drive.

What happens if I don't register my card?
A customer who has registered an m-Card that has been lost or stolen, can purchase a new blank m-Card for $5.00 and we'll replace the rides that were remaining on the lost or stolen card. If a lost or stolen card is not registered, we can't do this and the customer will have to purchase a new m-Card for $5.00 plus purchase new rides. Without registration there is no way to know who owned a specific card and, therefore, no way to cancel it when lost or stolen.

Registration of your m-Card will allow us to email or mail you an annual statement summarizing your transit purchases that may be eligible for claim under the transit pass credit program announced by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Register your m-Card - it's easy to do and it's well worth it.

How do I register my card?
If you have Internet access and your card in your hand, click here to register now. If you do not have access, you can call 757-MBUS to register by phone.

How do transfers work?
If you are using a monthly, 30-day or semester pass, transfers are handled by the card. Just present your m-Card to the on-board reader for each bus you board. You don't need a transfer, the m-Card handles it all.

If you are using a 10-Ride pass and you need only one transfer, the same applies. If you need a second transfer, however, please let the Driver know so he can issue you a paper transfer to use on the third bus. When you go to board the third bus, just present your paper transfer and not your m-Card, otherwise, the system will take an extra ride from your card.

When does my pass expire?
If you are using a monthly, 30-day or semester pass, the expiry date indicates the last day on which you can use your card. For example, if your expiry date is June 15th, you can use the card on June 15th, however, starting on June 16th, the card will not work and will need to be reloaded. You can reload your card at anytime before your expiry date to ensure uninterrupted use of the card.

If you are using 10-Rides passes, the rides will not expire and will stay your card until you use them up.

Remember, your m-Card is reloadable, meaning you can reload a new pass onto your existing card at any of our sales outlets.

Help! I've lost my m-Card, what do I do?
Registered m-Cards can be replaced for $5.00 and you won't lose any rides or passes that were on the lost card. To report a lost m-Card, login to your m-Card account and click the "Account" link.