Fixed-route transit services within the municipalities of St. John's, Mount Pearl & Paradise, NL.

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These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map results, and you should plan your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or notices regarding your route.

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For best results, choose a location from the list provided when you start typing.
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  • Detours schedule for Sunday, September 22
    9/20/2019 9:46:20 AM

    Due to the Provincial Marathon we will have the following detours in effect on Sunday, September 22 from the start of service until approximately 1:00 PM

    Route 2
    Until 1:55 pm leaving King’s Bridge Road route 2 will travel Kennas Hill, Logy Bay Road, Selfridge Road to Charter Avenue to regular route.

    Until 1:55 pm leaving Middleton Street route 2 will travel Charter Avenue to Selfridge Road, Logy Bay Road, Kennas Hill to Kings Bridge Road to regular route.

    Route 10
    Until 1:35 pm route 10 will travel from Cavendish Square to Duckworth Street, Church Hill, Queens Road, Longs Hill to regular route.

    Route 3
    When leaving The Village Shopping Centre up until 1:00 pm, route 3 will travel Hamlyn Road, Topsail Road, Brookfield Road, Knowling Street, Steer Street, Doyle Street, Outerbridge Street, Topsail Road, Cornwall Avenue, Hamilton Avenue, LeMarchant Road, Harvey Road, Military Road, Kings Bridge Road to regular route.

    Leaving Kings Bridge Road until 1:20 pm route 3 will travel Kings Bridge Road, Military Road, Harvey Road, LeMarchant Road, Hamilton Avenue, Cornwall Avenue, Topsail Road, Brookfield Road, Knowling Street, Steer Street, Outerbridge Street, Topsail Road to The Village Shopping Centre.

    Route 15
    Until 1:50 pm route 15 will travel from Military Road to Ordinance Street, Duckworth Street, Cavendish Square to Military Road.

    The Link
    The Link will not be able to service Newman Wine Vaults or the Railway Museum until after 1:00p. During the detour period, The Link will travel Cavendish Square @ Sheraton Hotel, Kings Bridge Road, The Boulevard, Quidi Vidi Road, Forest Road, Empire Avenue, Kings Bridge Road, Military Road, Cochrane Street, Duckworth Street, New Gower Street, Waldegrave Street, Water Street, Cochrane Street, Duckworth Street, Signal Hill Road, GEO Centre, Interpretation Centre, Cabot Tower, Signal Hill Road, Duckworth Street and Cavendish Square to the Sheraton Hotel.

  • University Centre Detour
    9/9/2019 7:29:05 AM

    University Centre Detour

    Due to construction, we will not be able to service the University Centre for the next several weeks.

    During the detour period, please proceed to our bus stop placed at either the University Centre "SIDE A" or the National Resource Council of Canada Building "SIDE B".

    For a list of routes servicing these stops, please visit

  • Route 11 Not servicing Stops 2895 and 2900
    8/28/2019 9:31:42 AM

    Due to construction, Route 11 will travel from Linegar Avenue, right onto Warford Road, left onto Blackhead Road, right onto Jordan Place to regular route. Stops 2895 and 2900 will be missed.

  • UPDATED: Routes 2, 16, 30 detoured from Kemount Road/Peet St starting July 2nd stop 1615 is not in service
    6/28/2019 12:19:58 PM

    Due to construction happening on Kenmount Road from the intersection of Polina Road to Peet Street, routes 2, 16 and 30 will not service Kenmount Road between Peet Street and Polina Road starting on July 2nd until construction has been completed.

    Route 16 coming from Kenmount Terrace and Route 30 heading to the Avalon Mall will travel Kenmount Road, Peet Street, OLeary Avenue, Thorburn Road and enter through the back of Avalon Mall.

    Route 16 leaving the Avalon Mall and heading to the U.C. will travel OLeary Avenue, Thorburn Road, enter through the back of the Avalon Mall and exit through the front of the Avalon Mall (Kenmount Road side), onto Polina Road to regular route.

    Route 16 when leaving the U.C. heading to Avalon Mall will travel regular route.

    Route 2 when leaving the Avalon Mall will travel OLeary Avenue, Thorburn Road, enter through the back of Avalon Mall, and exit Kenmount Road entrance, then regular route.

  • UPDATED: Route 21 is not using Fourth & most of Sunrise
    6/20/2019 9:33:11 AM

    Due to construction, route 21 is detoured in the area of Sunrise Avenue and is not able to service Fourth Street or Sunrise Avenue. Route 21 will use Third Street to Sunrise Avenue.

  • No weather bulletins
    3/7/2019 5:58:00 AM

    No weather-related bulletins have been issued.

    In the event that we would have to suspend or terminate service due to weather conditions, we will, when possible, provide 2 hours notice through our website, Ride Guide (722-9400) and local media.

  • Bus stop at Core Science Building
    10/16/2018 11:44:04 AM

    Stop #1145 @ The Core Science Building on Arctic Ave. will be taken out of service effective Mon, Oct 15, 2018 until construction in the area concludes.

  • Current Conditions

    Weather icon 15°C

  • Forecast

    Sunday night: Partly cloudy. Low 11.

    Monday: Mainly cloudy. High 19 except 15 in onshore winds.

    Monday night: Chance of showers. Low 14. POP 60%

    Tuesday: A mix of sun and cloud. High 13.

    Tuesday night: Chance of showers. Low 6. POP 60%


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